Metadata Consulting is lead by Mark Pahulje. Mark has 20 years of experience in the Metadata/Business Intelligence industry and has led numerous successful enterprise initiatives. Proof as they say is in the pudding, and are reflected by some awards for successful implementations, such as the  “Wilshire Award for Best Practices in Metadata Management”. Metadata Consulting provides a wide range of consulting services from best practices initiatives, communities of practice and information architecture to .NET architecture and development. While integrating and implementing Microsoft technologies is the cornerstone of our work, we also work with open source including C, C++, Java, PHP (WordPress, Moodle)/AJAX/JQuery/MVC and Perl.

Past experiences involved metadata management strategy, implementation and delivery in an enterprise wide initiative at a large financial institution for 10+ years.


Metadata Consulting is dedicated to understanding your needs, paying attention to detail and using the latest cutting-edge techniques to deliver the best possible value for your project. 

 Awards & Distinguishments

Nominee ICCO-Friuli Innova Award


Recipient of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional Award


Recipient of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional Award


Recipient of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional Award


Recipient of Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional Award



CA World 2007 Guest Speaker “SOA Implementation for Metadata”



CA World Wide Reference Site for Advantage Repository


CA World 2004 Guest Speaker for AllFusion Repository


CA World 2003 Canadian Media Interviewee for AllFusion Repository



User Interface Engineering: Winner of the GUI Design Award


Select Projects

Path Too Long Auto Fixer Tool 

GDPR Data Complaince Tool

Path Too Long Auto Fixer is the 1st and only tool that will automatically correct paths and filenames to fit under the 260-character limit in bulk. Path Too Long Auto Fixer Tool will help you meet your GDPR Data Portability compliance objectives!





Emerging Zoonoses Sentinel Animal Health Surveillance System

The EZSAHS is federal and provincial sponsored contract to designed a highly secure system of information capture for veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitation centers and provincial parks across British Columbia that captures demographics, diagnostics (disease and outbreak data), as well as laboratory submission information on a weekly basis for public health surveillance.
Deliverables included;

  1. collaborated with lead investigator to scope, architect, design, test and deliver the EZSAHS secure system in entirety
  2. designed logical and physical entity data models
  3. designed and incorporated best-of-breed security practices such as column level encryption, enforced password lengths, ip logging, application logging, sql injection testing, XSS/SSL testing, data validation, least privileges and least surface area principles with tools like Nikto, Fiddler
  4. proficient in Adobe Form lifecycle management and certified documents
  5. implementation used Microsoft technologies in a three-tier configuration;
  6. front-end developed using Visual Studio written in C# ASP.NET with  AJAX Control Toolkit integration for improved user interface (UI)
  7. middle-tier using IIS and integrating Membership patterns & practices API
  8. back-end using SQL Server analytical/operation database containing the business data with stored procedures with full historical user sentinel activity



British Columbia International Commercial Arbitration Centre

BCICAC is an organization supported by the British Columbia and Government of Canada and its role is to offering alternatives to dispute resolution including CIRA (.ca) domain name disputes.

  1. worked collaboratively with the Board of Directors, included University of British Columbia Law Faculty and the Vancouver Board of Trade as well as a representative of the Attorney General’s Department of British Columbia to architect and design an information workflow strategy for their organization
  2. delivered site design
  3. designed custom WordPress theme using PHP/jQuery with SEO in mind
  4. designed custom widgets and plug-ins to enable searchable profile membership database, custom form entry menu
  5. developed WordPress plug-in to bulk load CIRA Decions (URL links) via Excel spreadsheet into WordPress Links
  6. developed WordPress plug-in adding icons to resource links
  7. developed WordPress lawyer plug-in for profiling  membership database for lawyers with profile picture
  8. Developerd  a new first,  Logicktronic Search  a natural language search  with unlimited AND OR boolean conjunction use and plausible reduction
  9. PayPal payment system integration
  10. added Google Maps and Google Small Business Ads
  11. Created a Lawyer Profile WordPress plug-in, see video to view it in action.

TechTap - Augmented Reality Co

TechTap provides custom hardware and software solutions for engaging social media marketing through multi-touch and touch screen technologies to a variety of end users and agencies. The Social Media Broadcast Stations (SMBS) provide our clients with added value, smart seeding strategies and direct access for their clients.
  1. information architecture assessment and review
  2. building and modified AJAX/PHP MVC engagement engine, enhanced stability and functionality that can record and send video in an ad envelope.
  3.  added video watermarking and pre/post appending of videos
  4. building PHP daemon for active listener for video files posting to watch folder
  5. building customer interactive dashboard with full jQuery table filtering and sorting features
  6. rebuild modules for CentOS 5.7 Unix systems
  7. security review and SDLC improvements
  8. incorporated Vidly API (  for universal video playback for any platform including Iphone, Ipad, Blackberry, Android and browers




Philanthropy – Give back, do some good!

Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center

Elizabeth’s Wildlife Center is non-profit wildlife rehabilitator open 365 days a year since 1986. Inherited the design, mainly SEO here.

  1. designed/developed/integrated a new site; added/edited video posting, Google calendar, integrated donation PayPal buttons, Flickr for SEO
  2. video drove a great deal of donations and a happy win for Elizabeth




Microsoft Partner Profile here.




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