File/Folder Attribute Changer + Slack Size Estimator

File/Folder (Hidden) Attribute Changer + (optional) Slack Size Estimator

  1. Need to back-date files or folders ? Late for an exam or handing in a paper?
  2. Need to recursively change all attributes of files in a sub-directories?
  3. Need to keep a watch on a directory or files access times ? You can easily spot when files or folders have been accessed by malicious means.
  4. Need to un-hide a directory and files?
  5. Need to change read-only directory to access files? Like your hosts file.
  6. Need to estimate Slack Space based on cluster size (Allocation Unit Size) ? Slack Size Estimator module, is extra e-mail to obtain.

If you answered Yes, to any of the above File/Folder Attribute Changer can do just that.

File/Folder Attribute Changer  + (optional) Slack Size Estimator is easy to use and contains no spyware, bloatware or tracking software. The question button (4), will open an additional help page on this site and that’s all.



Operational Instructions

In a nutshell

Drag and drop files and folder into upper portion of the application, and choose which attribute you want to change.
Big directories may take some time to enumerate, but will load. Be careful in changing that many files.

As per red numbers in above image
  1. Add files only
  2. Add folder only
  3. Delete current row
  4. Opens Help Info Window
  5. Reset, clears all files from 6.
  6. Drag’n Drop file and folders into the upper area (denoted by light blue) for their attributes to be changed. Press Delete key to delete current highlighted row.
  7. Show attribute of current file or folder, but change these option when pressing 10, will affect all rows in the window!
  8. Show current date attribute of file or folder, click change check box to take apply a new date when pressing 10
  9. With optional Slack Space Module, this will display current cluster size of the disk running this program. This can be changed before load a file/directory to test what the slack space is depending on this cluster size.
  10. Apply attribute changes (7,8) to files and folders. Cluster size (9) does NOT apply (that would be impossible, without reformatting the disk first.)
    Any select FOLDERS and FILES are treated the same, especially for 7.
    WARNING !!!! Changes will occur to all files/folders listed, not just the highlighted row.
  • indicates what version (32 or 64-bit) of Windows you are running
  • (optional) Slack Size Estimator estimates slack size for the loaded file and directories. You can change the cluster file and load the same file to get an idea how slack space grows in size.

Slack Size Estimator


Slack Size Estimator module estimates wasted disk space (slack space) base on a cluster size (allocation unit size) that you can select. Load files/directories with different clusters sizes to get a estimate of how much slack space is used, as in diagram above.

Slack Size Estimator module adds columns 1, 2, 3 and Custer Size (5) drop-down box.

As per red numbers in above image

  1. Size on Disk, precise calculation based on clusters occupied by the file ((size + clusterSize -1)/ clusterSize)* clusterSize.  You can easily verified this by right-click on the same files and choose Properties and compare “Size on Disk” property). Compressed files are accounted for.
  2. Slack Size, the amount of unused space allocated to a file on the disk “Size on Disk”. A detailed explanation with diagram is here.
  3. Cluster Size aka “Allocation Unit Size” in Windows parlance for the row.
  4. Drag’n Drop files into the area to determine Slack Size based on the cluster size 5. Select Cluster Size before loading the file or directories to get predictive estimates.
  5. Cluster Size aka “Allocation Unit Size” in Windows parlance can be set, for the next file or folder loaded to get the Slack Size estimate for.


.7z file unzip from  7-Zip is free open source software and a better replacement for .zip files.


Unzip to Desktop and double-click on Setup.exe  to run. This has a full installer, so you can uninstall via Add Remove Programs.
A Desktop shortcut will be created for your convenience.

WinFileAttribChanger.exe is 32-bit software  has been tested on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 with Intel CPUs only – sorry no AMD support. Uses Microsoft .Net 4.0 Framework as a dependency.

Note: A directory containing a large amout of files and sub-directories may cause Not Responding notice. Ignore this, its working just taking its time.


Uninstall via Add Remove Programs.


File/Folder Attribute Changer License Agreement.


Built using Visual Studio 2010 .NET 4.0 WPF Application (not fancy but functional).

Please Donate

Recommended donation amount 1 coffees ($5.05).
Slack Size Estimator module 10 coffees ($50.05) email to obtain.

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